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We are as excited as you are to be part of your special day! We believe that photography does not have to be a massive financial undertaking. We work with all of our clients to find a price and a package that they are happy with and that they can financially afford.
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We believe that you can have competent photography for a reasonable price. We strive to make our mark with our product. We hope that you would consider Gramm Photography the next time you have a special occasion that is worth remembering!

Every event is different and we take time to make sure we can work with you and your family's needs to make it successful. We will always be in communication with you to make sure you are getting what you desire.

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Celebrate Rockaway Day - 2017

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Celebrate Rockaway Day - 2017

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Patty Espejo(non-registered)

The pictures on your site look great. I love the slide show. I especially love the pictures that are sepia with only a bit of color on the main object. Awesome.